Monday, July 05, 2010

moldy omelets or trashy eggs

Ya know that saying, "you've gotta break some eggs to make an omelet"? Yeah, here's the Maberga version...

"you've gotta go white trash to ..." well, I don't exactly know how to finish.

Maybe it's like this "you've gotta go white trash to not actually be white trash"

Or maybe I'm thinking of something like this "you've gotta go white trash to not live in squalor"

Well, ok, enough of this verbal masturbation, here's the real deal, "you gotta move your couch to the front lawn when you discover that there is mold growing behind it".

I was sweeping in this corner last night and noticed some moisture.

Yeah, Yeah. That's the kind of nice way to say that I was sweeping for the first time in the 3 months since I moved the couch to this corner when I noticed that the mounds of dog hair coming from back there were not the fluffy mountains that I had been expecting but rather soggy, dark fur balls resembling something a cat would cough up, if the cat were the size of a cinghiale.

"hmmm, there must be some moisture back there." I said to myself.

Yep. The hot weather has hit Maberga, which, coming on the heels of a really wet winter and spring, has made my floor sweat. Thus, causing mold on the stone wall. Or maybe, since there is the same rain+heat+dirt combo behind the stone as there is below the floor, the wall is sweating too.

Have I completely destroyed every one's romantic visions of what it means to have an old stone house on the Italian Riviera yet?

Yep, House Project for week 9 (is that what week I'm in, I've totally forgotten now):


I would like to say that I'm going to clean and paint all the kitchen walls but, well, why rush through all that FUN in just one week when I can spread it through 3? Besides, this

is the easy wall. Wait 'til you see the other ones.

For my knitting this week I'm going to start (and for sure not finish) this african square blanket. Isn't crocheting a blanket the first thing you think of when your floor and walls are sweating?


  1. Oh, my, no fun at all to work on that wall. I get a kick out of the surface mount electric. We are in a 100 year old home that had very, very limited electric to the third floor servant's quarters. We turned it into living space for the kids 31 years ago and have one of them living there now. We are glad to have her here when we travel. To provide electricity, we have surface mount over the cement-type plaster over lath.

    I followed your link to the African crochet. It's really cool! Thanks for the link. I look forward to seeing what you make with that pattern.

    Very best,

  2. Mike in Boulder1:56 AM

    Bleach, Lynn, chlorine bleach. Lots of it. Wear gloves. Let the bleach stand as long as you can. Rinse thoroughly. And try not to breath that black stuff--it ain't very good for you, to say the least.

    Mike in Boulder