Friday, July 09, 2010


So the phone rings the other day. It's Mette.

M: Hi Lynn. Do you know anybody who wants some goats? 3 of them.

L: Hmmm???? I could probably make some calls. How much are they?

M: Call Augusto. They're free. They just need a new home. Two are babies and then there's the becco (billy goat). Can you tell me by tomorrow?

L: Sure. Ciao Ciao.

So I call Augusto.

A: Si? Pronto? (yeah, hello?)

L: Ciao, Augusto, sono Lina. Come stai? (Hey, Augusto, it's Lynn. How are you?)

A: Bene. Dimmi. (Fine. What do you want?)

L: Vuoi 3 capre? Ho degli amici che devono trovare un posto per le capre. Sono gratis! (do you want 3 goats? I have some friends who have to find a place for their goats. They're free!)

A: Per tenere o mi danno? (to take care of or are they giving them to me?)

L: Ti danno! (they're giving them to you).

A: Va bene. Grazie. Ciao. (Ok. Thanks. Bye)

So I call Mette.

M: Pronto (Hello?)

L: Hi Mette, Augusto wants the goats.

M: Great. We can make the arrangements for transport during our knitting date tomorrow.

L: Cool. Bye.

Remember Ambra? So Ambra is shacking up with me these days. Whilst I was phoning she was preparing some stuffed zucchini flowers for us for dinner.

When I got off the phone she stopped, looked at me and said, "I find it kind of funny that someone would call you with some goats they need to get rid of, you make another call, and you FIND someone to take the goats. You're a goat broker."

Yep. And you know what? After a tough day of goat brokering, there ain't nothing I like more than sitting down to a plate of stuffed zucchini flowers and a puzzle.

Yesterday, we closed the deal.


  1. You are so cute! I thought for sure you would take the goats yourself. ;) The stuffed zucchini flowers looked wonderful! How long did it take to finish the puzzle?

  2. GOAT BROKER! Careful now, who knows WHERE that could lead!

  3. Anonymous8:50 PM

    My guess is that Augusto will be having roast goat for dinner and soon!