Monday, July 19, 2010

The News from Mount Webeengonealongtime

Lots going on here on the Mountain.

1. You know that not so fresh feeling? Well, let me tell you that I have the OPPOSITE of that. I have the OH SO FRESH feeling. How is that possible in 100 degree heat with 95% humidity, you'd like to know? Well, let me tell you. I've scrubbed and bleached and painted all my hidden parts. Week 10 of project 20/20 (I hate that's just this constant reminder that I have so far to go, anyway...) is done. No one knows but me (and now all of you guys) that the floors and walls behind my fridge, my oven, every shelf, couch and table are now snow white and mold and dog hair free.

It's enough that I know. It really can give a girl that oh so fresh feeling.



2. The orto ripened it's first tomato. I couldn't be prouder. Well, yeah, actually I could be prouder. It's a roma tomato and it's the size of my thumb...the size of my thumb minus that big meaty part that attaches the thumb to the rest of the hand, that is. You know, the part of the thumb that is really thin, with the nail and the knuckle. Yeah, that's the size of my first tomato. Here, I'll show you...

Should I be feeding them something besides water, you know, to fatten 'em up a little? I'm not really going to get a nice caprese salad out of that sucker.

3. Friends, we are so close now.

That's our water meter. A water meter - as in, there will be so much water coming that someone some where wants to keep track of it. As in, even if it doesn't rain we get water. As in, WATER ON DEMAND! As in, a shower with pressure that isn't determined by how high this

is in relation to the house (I do very much appreciate gravity as a basic principle, I just don't like relying on it for my water pressure).

So, like, in theory, we should have city water some time soon. After that meter and the main line are attached to the house, of course. Yeah, who am I kidding. Anyone want to place bets as to whether this city water is flowing into Casa Cornwell by Christmas? Yeah, probably not, but we are one step closer.

4. A package has arrived in Maberga. This is surely news because they don't always.

Check it out. It came all the way from Boulder, Colorado from Mike. Thanks, Mike!

Perhaps some of you are confused about why I get a package every year from Mike with a poster of a sexy woman sitting with some cars. Let me explain. You see, Mike and I had a common love. Here she is (looking a hell of a lot better being in Mike's hands than she ever did in mine)...

She was mine for a brief period, then Mike bought her from me when I moved to Italy. She's a high maintenance lover, let me tell you. I couldn't afford to take her with me to italy and, in the end, Mike couldn't afford to keep her running. (In case some of you don't recognize this famous car - it's a 1960 Fiat 600 - that makes her 50 this year, mechanic bills for a 50 year old car are significant, even if it's a FIAT...or should I say, especially when it's a FIAT). So each year, Mike and I share in a little nostalgia when he participates in the Denver Italian car show called the Automezzi. Thanks again, Mike. And here's to Little Blue...may she be getting all her needs met with her new owner.

5. The African Flower patch continue to grow...

Check out that flower tower! It's way bigger than my thumb, even with the meaty part that attaches to the hand. What's the lesson here?

Well, that's all the news from here where the tomatoes are small, the walls are clean, and the hope for running water is way above average (and probably reality).


  1. Mike in Boulder9:13 PM

    Alas, my dear, the mechanic bills for a white 1979 Fiat 128 ain't much less than for Little Blue. But t least I can drive the 128 to our mechanic in Denver without fear of being smashed as flat as a bug by a speeding semi! Taking Little Blue to Denver to see her doctor was a painful 2-hour backroads trip. Still miss that little blue car, tho. People occasionally tell me they see her around Boulder now and then, so I assume she's still alive and well.

    Long live Fiat (they're taking over Chrysler, you know--it's a brave new world)!!!

    Mike in Boulder (Denver)

  2. Lynn, you continue to amaze and impress me with all you have accomplished. I have my own modest list, inspired by you, that I am working on this summer. Right now I am tackling 10 years worth of photos and I am nearly finished.

    Don't feel bad about your tomatoes--at least you have some. We have beautiful plants covered with blossoms but not a tomato in sight. Same story with everyone in the Puget Sound area. Too much rain not enough sun during June. We still have fog in the morning and have to wait for it to burn off in the afternoon.

    I like your african flowers. I went to the sight and was inspired and then common sense set in--I can not stand to weave in ends! I bet yours will be beautiful.

  3. Aw come on, take it easy on the little fella... you wanna make nice for when all his big brothers and sisters come around!