Saturday, July 24, 2010

The proctology of knitting

So here's the thing, when a person can knit or crochet people who can not knit or crochet ask the knitter/crocheter to make them stuff.

I'm not really sure why this is.

Maybe it's the equivalent of doctors at dinner parties who hear "so you're a doctor? Do you mind me asking, I've been having this pain..."

And it doesn't matter what sort of stuff you knit, they will invariably ask for something you hate knitting. It doesn't really matter that everything you create is extra bulky knit on turkey basters needles, they'll ask you knit a lace shawl with silk.

"So, you're a proctologist. Interesting. I've been having these headaches lately, could it be a brain tumor?"

Mette has recently been hit. To protect the guilty party, let's just call this person, um, Helga. So Helga asked Mette to make her this


"Yeah. It's probably a brain tumor."

Just in case any of you are considering asking Mette to make you something in the's what she does like to knit.

Ain't that a beauty?


  1. oneofthedanes9:38 AM

    Thanks for telling "my" story. I have a little funny thing to add. By trying to protect the guilty part, you chose the name of my grandma! Isn´t that funny?
    Thank you for being my knitting friend as well as good friend

  2. You are hysterical! AND, I can certainly identify with the concept of "will you make this for me?" I have the same with bread. There is a woman in a group where I attend a meeting maybe once every six months who calls ahead with her bread order! Duh! Like, uh, I'm not making bread today? Like I can say that? Usually, I give her some bread, but not necessarily the "flavor" she requests. *sigh*

    Right now, I have an excuse, though. I'm on the high seas and am not making bread for a few weeks. ;)

    I love your blog. I feel so at home here.


  3. beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

  4. You make me giggle... in fact seems everytime I read it, my husband asks, what are you giggling at.

    I have a headache could you check my... oh nevermind. :)

    xoxoxo Carrie

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