Thursday, September 16, 2010

It started like this...

I'll let you know how it finishes when it's finished.

Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes.


  1. Paul Cornwell7:59 PM

    Ciao Lynn Anne, Rosanne tells me that when Italians sing "Happy Birthday To You" in English they just repeat happy birthday to you four times to the tune's melody. So ... here goes, HBTYX4. Hope your Ligurian Tramonto is as spectacular as the Sunrise! See you and David in Venice next month. Paul George

  2. Anonymous3:26 AM

    Happy Birthday Lynn!!
    I'm imagining you on the mountain top with your pretty "sparkle" eyes.

    Love You!!

  3. Mike Rowe7:35 AM

    Happy birthday from across the pond and half way across North America. Which 29th birthday is this one???

    Mike in Boulder

  4. Hi Lynn!

    It is Sunday morning so I have a connection for a few hours so I can check into your blog. I hope the birthday was a great one. :) I love the picture.


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  6. Lynna,

    Sorry we didn't know the date for your big day, but now we do.

    Love the pictures - especially the cow pie with the flower !

    Thinking fondly of you and David,

    Wayne & Denise "TFC"

    PS Hope you had a bottle of wine
    to celebrate the big 41.