Sunday, September 12, 2010

Let the games commence... and recommence...

So I'm thinking that beans weren't such a wise choice for the Orto.

Yep. That's the crop. Did I mention that the bean plants took up approximately one-third of the total garden space?

Are you wondering why my beans are not green? Or rather, are you wondering why I let them dry on the vine? Yeah, well, about a month ago all the plants were heavy with fruit and David was home. I said, "do you think we should pick those?" He said, "I think we should just leave them and pick them when we can have dried beans."
Seemed like a good plan at the time.

Now, I'm not so convinced.

Here's why:

1. fresh beans are nice. I didn't eat any fresh beans from my garden.
2. picking beans sucks. picking beans off of dried out and brittle plants sucks more.
3. fresh beans can be eaten without removing their pod. Shucking dried beans might suck more than picking dried beans.
4. I planted, watered, weeded, watered, weeded, waited, waited, waited, picked, and shucked my crop of beans to get this

and I can buy this

for about 43 cents at the store.

House project number it only 11? No wait, it's 12! There was an 11, I just didn't write about it. I reorganized my studio, which used to look like this

and now looks like this

Yeah, ok. You can't really tell the difference in those photos. Trust me, there is one, a BIG one.

Anyway, number 12: get a grip on the orto...might even plant some new stuff.

Knitting project 12? Well, my birthday happens to fall this week. This of course means that I head to the top of a mountain, or the bank of a river, or the beach (or all three - but not at the same time) and I cast on my birthday sweater!

As you long time readers know, I like to spend the day of my birthday alone (casting on a new sweater in some beautiful spot!). This tradition was born out of necessity. Several years ago I realized that, because of work, I AM always alone on my birthday so it's a good idea to celebrate myself. This year David helped me kick of the festivities before he left town...

with a picnic by the sea followed by a trip to the river with the dogs and mexican feast at home. A great start to my week.


  1. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Have a wonderful birthday week. Your plan and tradition sounds wonderful, kind of makes me wish I wasn't born in January. (not very many beautiful places to cast on anything in January) Your beans sound like even too much work for me. I like them the normal way (not dried) and fresh frozen so I can enjoy them all year. I am so done with tomatoes. No more! I know I say that every year at this time, but really I am done. I have apple butter cooking in the crock pot now, and a last batch of italian diced tomatoes for soups and stews to can. And I'm probably going to have to do one more batch of cucumbers. My kitchen looks like a bomb exploded. Anyway I am thinking of you and sending you the best birthday wishes ever. Write soon!


  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful week.