Friday, May 27, 2011

Remember the swimming pool?

So, yesterday morning I went up to the orto to water my happy little tomatoes and let the dogs have a swim. It's a really nice way to start the day.

Yesterday evening, the dogs told me that swimming is also a really nice way to end the day, so up we went...

Yep, in one day that sucker was emptied.

So I guess that means that summer has officially begun in Maberga -- summer 2011, also known as Water War 2011. Let the fun begin!

By the way, we can tell that it is the peak of summer when there is no water coming from the spring to replace the water everyone is hoarding. Since we're not at that point yet, I'm not freaking out. Look, the vasca is refilling already

Yeah, right. Any one want to place a wager on how long it will take that trickle to refill the swimming pool?

I'm going to say two weeks...assuming that no one empties it again. And I can tell you that Mr. No One will NOT empty it because I'll be watching. (Yes, I know who did it.)


  1. Oh, the meanies!!

  2. And, what, pray tell, did the water thief use that water for? Drinking? *chuckles* I suggest you post pictures of the doggies swimming at the water hole. ;)

    BTW, I just LOVE seeing your dogs. I miss our dogs terribly when we travel, but do get daily updates from home. My Honey tells everyone he leaves them with the keys to the car and a full refrigerator, but in truth they have a chauffeur and cook at home to take care of them. That's our daughter, Catherine. ;)

    Big hugs from Port Canaveral,