Friday, September 02, 2011

it's never too late for a thank you note

There were a couple of thank yous that I forgot to include in the last post about David's party.

1. This short video was given to us by our friend, whom you don't see in the video because he is, well, behind the camera.

Thanks, Carmello. That 200euro you are charging me for that clip is worth every penny.

2. HUGE thank you to Ambra who...OK OK OK!!! I admit it, she did all the cooking...and the balloons...and the candles. Not to mention she danced a hell of a tarantella, which meant that I didn't have to embarrass myself trying to do it this time. This is Ambra

And here's the tarantella, in case you are not familiar with the dance.

It's harder than it looks, trust me.

3. And finally a big thank you to Camilla

for David's beautiful birthday card and our current fridge art.

I think she captured David and my hair perfectly.

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  1. Just love that first video. :) What wonderful fun. So your "friend" charged you for the video? How nice to have such a good "friend." ;)