Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday night in Maberga, part 1

It's a hoppin' Saturday night in Maberga and you all are invited to join me for the evening.

I'm alone and cooking.  Should be hours of fun and hilarity.  Did I mention that I have The Essential Journey album in the background? Yep.  Saturday in Maberga. 

I've had a secret goal of hitting 100 posts for the year.  It's November 12 and I have 72.  It's not looking good unless I get my ass in gear.  So tonight, I will be posting periodically, separate posts for the various stages of my cooking.  

Tomorrow is the surrogate Thanksgiving in these parts.  I'm off to friend Christine and Valerio's for some turkey and stuffin'.  I said that I'd bring my usual apple pie and  "some other stuff".  I'm working on the "other stuff" tonight.

So,  head to the kitchen,

grab your apron,

and put on some Journey,

'cause here we go...

Oh yeah, I'm also having a beer.

Feel free to get your own beverage of choice.

Thanksgiving Other Stuff from the kitchen of Lynn

Other stuff # 1:  Cherry sauce.

Here's the recipe I found.

So, I'm off to the stove now.  Obviously I only have to numbers 1 and 3 above.  Christine is making the turkey part. 

I can't really screw this up, can I?  yeah, well, stay tuned.

If you guys out there want to add extra fun by starting some betting pools, the following are possible wagers:

--it's 8.44 now.  What time will I finish this little cooking/blogging extravaganza?
--I'm going to attempt 3 "other things" recipes.  How many "other things" will I be bringing to Christine's thanksgiving tomorrow?
--I'm on my second beer.  How many will it take to get me through this evening?  Wait, no, don't do that one.  It could be embarrassing.

Talk to ya soon....


  1. Hi! I'm catching up late and from afar. I am in that little window of time in a US port where I have an internet connection. I'll try to get to the next post before I time out. I sure hope you had fun. All the cooking is surely finished by now1

  2. sounds like you had a blast. beer and journey can make anything fantastically ironopoetic no?