Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday night in Maberga, Part 2

NOTE:  If you haven't read "Saturday night in Maberga, Part 1" you might miss some of the plot happening here in Part 2.  Head on over to Part 1 here.

So, while my "other stuff #1: cherry sauce" is simmering, let me ask you guys a question....

Are these not the coolest looking measuring spoons you ever seen?

Yes, they are.  When I left home after graduating from college, at that eager, hopeful and ignorant age of 21, I loaded my car to head know, to find my fortune and all that (that plan didn't really work so then I came east....but I digress).  My mom had packed me a box of kitchen stuff, that she thought I would need to stock my first kitchen...some new utensils, some extras from her own kitchen (my dad did the same with garage tools but that's a whole different blog post).  These measuring spoons fall in the latter category of mom's extras. I wonder how old these spoons are?  They've been with me now for 20 years.  Mom, if you're reading this, do you know when you got those spoons?  And how did you ever part with them given their incredible beauty and ultimate coolness?

Oh shit.  Mistake one..."simmer 5 minutes", it's now been about 10 as I was wallowing in my teaspoon memories.  Hold on, let me go check on things...

Um, actually it's been 12 minutes and that sauce is supposed to "slightly thicken".  Hmmm. Mine, not so much. 

Other stuff #1: cherry sauce  - FINISHED ...some questions remain:   It tastes ok, but a little sweet, should I add some of my burnt pepper oil you know, just for a little kick?   What the f#%@ are we going to do tomorrow at a dinner with 9 people and approximately 6 teaspoons of cherry sauce?

Oh yeah....good song just came on!  Here, join in with me....

Ok friends, time to move on to Thanksgiving Other Stuff #2: Cranberry Sauce.

So, um, I don't actually have any cranberries but I do have these

Very much appreciating the internet tonight, I've actually found a recipe for my not actually cranberry cranberries.

It looks like this

I need these ingredients

Whoa, those dried cranberries weren't very dry...more like oiled cranberries.  Check this out!

Look at my hand!


So, well, while my cranberries are plumping up shall we start the next and last Thanksgiving Other stuff:  Brandied Cranberries?

yeah, just hold your horses. 

PS.  it's now 11.20 pm and I've done one and a half sauces.  Is it just me or is this taking a really long time?

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  1. Hey! I made it to post 2 before we sail. Greasy cranberries? Weird!

    What a fun Saturday night you had!