Sunday, June 24, 2012

the green thumb club

Dearest David, Emily and Graham...

Since you all worked so hard on the Cornwell family garden plot, I thought the least I could do was give you a little update on the fruits of your labors, so to speak.

Bad news first...we've had a badger invasion.  No, none of my family has been to visit, I'm talking real badgers.  Those wide-assed little critters ate all of the beautifully growing lettuce...except two. 

I'm not quite sure why they left those two plants completely untouched but I'm going to assume that it was because they were just full and not because there's anything wrong with them.

In addition, our lettuce-gorging friends dug up all the zucs.  They weren't destroyed, just moved about a bit.  This morning I got them back in place and they seem to be happy again.

While I was doing this (and building the tomato trellises) neighbor Franco stopped by to see how our gardens grows.   He brought with him the good news that I have to share...

Remember that cucumber plant that we so carefully planted by the wall so that it could climb? 

Well, damn if that isn't actually a melon plant!  The non-cuc-but-rather-melon-who-will-soon-be-too-heavy-to-climb is growing like gang busters around the cilantro patch.

And speaking of melons, remember those melons we so carefully planted by the short fence so they could wind around it? 

Well, damn if Franco didn't convince me that they are actually zucs.  And boy are they happy and healthy zucs!  They should be taking over the pepper patch any day now. 

And speaking of the peppers, Franco taught me today how to take the tops off the plants so that more BROCCOLI will grow.

Who knew that peppers seeds made broccoli?  I sure didn't.

Maybe you're wondering if I'm going to be lacking cucumbers since the one cuc we thought we had was really a melon....well, don't you guys worry your pretty little heads!  Remember the zucs? 

Yep!  They're actually cucumbers!  I suppose I could have figured this out myself given that one of them produced the first fruit of the season and it looked like this...

However, until Franco told me they were cucumber plants I was thinking it was just a funny looking zuc.

The watermelons?  They are still watermelons.

So, all and all everything is happy and healthy and not at all where we thought we put it.

Do you guys want to come back for the harvest?

yours forever, with green thumbs,



  1. Woo Hoo! Garden update. I'd share my cucumber jokes, but I guess I shouldn't. ;\ Looks like your work has worked out well for some good stuff to harvest.

    Happy Sunday from very wet and stormy Port Canaveral. Would you believe we are going out in this storm right now? Sure, no problem. Rock (and roll) on!


  2. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Lynn, you are the funniest girl on the planet. Love your stories and your garden with a mind of its own. Sounds quite BPS to me ! Love you. Brenda

    By the way, not sure why but I can only make comments successfully if I sign in as Anonymous. So, I really don't mean to be incognito but there it is !

  3. That's too funny, Lynn! We tried so hard to plan everything out. I guess we didn't account for mis-identifying the seedlings :)