Friday, June 22, 2012

I hope this goes well...

So, we're having a little work done to the house.  I haven't mentioned it before now because there is so much to do to prepare for this, I've been pretending that it's a long way off.  Well, Augusto is coming on Monday....that's not so far off. 

So the upstairs looks like this...again

You can't really tell in that photo but the floor of this room has a little dip in it.  Actually it's more than a little.  If you were walking through this photo from right to left  (or left to right), the decline in the floor on the first half of the trip provides exactly the momentum that you need to climb the other half of the floor.  There's that, AND this dip is resting on the vault that is a.k.a. the ceiling in the kitchen.  This job needs to be done.

So, as I was cleaning out this room which has been my studio for the past few years I came across these two post-it notes. 

Augusto drew those, I don't know how many years or projects ago.  I do know that they are notes to himself about how to do a bit of electrical work for one of the jobs he's done here.  Should I be worried that in 3 days he's going to be dismantling the entire center of my house and rebuilding it? 

Whatever.  There are other things to worry about and besides, the lights come on every time I hit the switch...for the most part.

So, it's one room living for me for the foreseeable future.  It looks likes this

from left to, studio, Lynn bed, dog bed, kitchen.

It's pretty doable given that this is my living and dinning room

And for some reason, living in a 10' x 12' room with two dogs in 100 degree summer weather makes paper mache seem like a good idea.

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  1. I love your living/dining room. Good luck with your project.