Tuesday, June 05, 2012

So, I've noticed that there are many things I do in this life that I can place in one of two categories:

1.  It's really fun while I'm doing it and totally sucks after it's over


2.  It totally sucks while I'm doing it and feels really awesome after having done it.

If I'm honest, more of my actions in this life fall into the former rather than the latter category...but let's not analyze that right now.

Instead, let's look at some examples of each category:

Fun to Do,  Regrets Sucks After:
--staying up all night to watch one episode of the Wire after another
--listening to any Guns N Roses song
--drinking a pitcher of margaritas at 2 in the afternoon
--knitting non-stop on a full-length grape jelly colored jacket for 4 days
--drawing tattoos all over my body with a permanent marker

Sucks During, Righteous Awesome After
--cooking a well balanced dinner
--waking up before dawn to get a jump on the day
--knitting a swatch to check gauge

I could go on and on with categorized examples from my life but...well,  I've run out of examples of category number 2...  except this one....

Planting the orto. 

Yeah, it's done and I'm feeling done righteous awesome.

Actually, I only had to do half the orto myself.  I had some major help on the other half...yeah yeah, ok.  They did the other half...

Thanks Em and Graham!!!  Don't you guys just feel soooo totally ....awesome? 

It was actually their fault that I wasn't blogging for the past two weeks.  I can happily say it was two weeks spent with them that was actually BOTH totally awesome doing and feels pretty awesome to remember after.

And already looking forward to the next time...

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  1. Terrific! I hope you get a good harvest. :))))