Thursday, August 02, 2012

In the time since I've last posted...

I've had a few thoughts....

thought 1.  I think there would be a lot less divorce if the Olympics happened more than once every four years.  

Watching women's gymnastics today (streaming on my computer via a Canadian broadcast), I suddenly understood my husband's completely rude, illogical, and totally pointless March Madness behaviour.  Ok, maybe the divorce rate would not diminish but, for sure, David and I would have fewer fights during the month of March if I were reminded more than every leap year that I too can scream at the computer, cheer and cry for people I've never met before, and be completely oblivious to anything and anyone in my presence....while watching a sporting event.

thought 1.b.  I will never watch another Olympics if I can't watch the Canadian broadcast. 

Trust me, try it.

thought 2. Who actually does that?

Drop their car key down a street drain.  Who does that?  As it turns out, me.  I do that.

thought 2.bI need to buy a strong magnet to keep with the string I already have in the trunk of my car.

You just never know when it will happen again.

thought 3.  either my zucs are getting longer, or next year my hand will be growing directly out of my shoulder as a result of my shrinking arm.

thought 4.  F**K

 Yeah, ok.  I think that thought a lot.  But this time it has to do with my going on week 7 of living in the kitchen while this is happening upstairs....

my new stairs are not 2mm.  Given that the floor used to be uneven by 17 centimeters, 2mm is not so much but, still...  F**k.


  1. Mike in Boulder2:21 AM

    Methinks you may be too concerned about the levelness of your stairs. Maybe the whoel world is not level by 2 cm (it certainly is not level in Washington, D.C.

    Be glad you house is not sliding down the mountainside. Now THAT would be something to be worried about! :-)

  2. Anonymous2:35 AM

    You are FAR from the only person to drop keys down street drains. Cindy did it at night in N. Carolina a year and a half ago. So, after pushing the car off the grate, lifting one very heavy said grate off the drain, going down into the drain system and spending a little time letting my eyes get used to the dark, they were recovered. This was immediately before a fancy Italian dinner. You can probably guess what Italian food in N. Carolina tastes like, but the wine was much appeciated.

  3. ah the folder name becomes apparent???? - I have some very powerful magnets from the inside of hard drives...I will bring you one next time...(so there their ARE advantages to me having a techno geek about the place taking things apart???! :)) xxB.