Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Design flaws

First I'd like to apologize.  Not for not blogging in so long but rather for having posted those granny square pants before I took my little break.  I'm sure you all have enjoyed, as much as mom who pointed it out to me, checking into the blog for a new post only to find those pants staring at you.  Sorry about that.  I am still going to make myself a pair.  I'm sure they will be less annoying in person.  Hmmm, I wonder if I can finish a pair by the wedding...

Ok, as I was saying in the title, our theme for today is Design Flaws.  I found a few in the past couple of weeks whilst not blogging.  I even made one myself.

D.F. #1.  building a house with no storage space.  Who would do that? Apparently a lot of people because it seems that Ikea has got rich producing, selling, transporting and installing these:

D.F. #2.  green garden tools.  Who would think that was a good idea?  Try finding this in the tall grass

bad color

good color

D.F #3.  hooks for hanging a quilt in the middle of the quilt.  Who would....oh wait, that was me.  I did that.


quilt hooks

 design flaw

In other Maberga news....the front patio is all done. 

Bumpy and Doug can have their wedding tomorrow if they want, we are read,y well, except for the cake, ...and the flowers, ...and food, ...and the readings for the ceremony.  Except for that we're pretty much ready.


  1. What a beautiful setting for the wedding! Everything looks wonderful. :)

  2. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Impressive, Lynn. I liked the patio area before but must admit, this is very inviting. Lucky Bumpy and Doug !
    Love, Brenda

  3. waynosd3:44 AM

    ... and, have they figure out whole will be doing the ceremony,
    Priest, Minister, Calabrian, David??

  4. waynosd3:46 AM

    Well that was a mess, I should be using a spell check.

    I meant: have they figured out who will be doing the ceremony!

  5. That quilt is gorgeous!!!!

    AND we are so much looking forward to see the patio live.

  6. Lynn,

    Casa Cornwell is looking awesome! I love the secondary alter on the patio as well! I have to ask, is that a teaser shot of the bathroom as I don't remember those tiles... or come to think of it, I did hang out quite a bit between the railings on the gate outside the bathroom.

    Love ya guys,


  7. Shit. Now it's gonna be Bumby and Doug.

    Still love ya guys though!