Sunday, August 11, 2013

See these two guys?

They are called Gino and Franco.  They are our new best friends.  I'm only partly exaggerating about that.  In addition to be incredibly nice guys, they are seriously knowledgeable about a lot of stuff that we are not.  For example, all the amazing spots in our beautiful Valley Argentina.  They were both born and raised here.  Every Sunday, come rain or shine, snow or hail they go into the mountains to observe the flora and fauna.  Recently we've been tagging along.  Today they took us here

That's kind of pretty, I think.  I got to see some sheep, which always makes me happy.

And they gave us a little geography lesson on the top of the world (wine included)

How cool is that?  The answer...very very cool when you realize that on Friday night they had also given us a cooking lesson... Ligurian style.

 Gino made pesto

Franco made the lasagne pizzicata

The pesto and the noodles were combined with green beans and potatoes...ligurian style.
Unbelievably delicious.

Then, just in case we were still hungry, they had brought some steaks for the grill
 Please excuse me now.  After writing this post I suddenly have a hunger that must be attended to.  Good thing we made extra of these that went in the freezer

PS. Thank you David for use of your great photos

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