Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So we're just about 3 weeks out from the big day.  Yes, my little cousin Bumpy and her beau Doud are getting hitched in my backyard 24 days from today.  It's just around the corner.  This I know because:
a. I get 14 emails, fb messages and phone calls a day regarding the event
b. my mouth is covered with cankor sores (which indicates one of two things - either I'm stressed out or about to see my family...this time, both happen to be true)
c. I looked on a calender.

This morning I practiced making garlands and hanging bouquets using greenery I found around (cane leaves, olive branches, rosemary, laurel).  Green is good but it will be fun to add flowers for the real ones. 

That last one there cost me a little blood.  (Sorry Bumpy, yes, that is your white t-shirt you left here last year when visiting that I am wearing...and wiping my blood on.  Sorry about that)

I also drove up to the scene to check on the state of things.  The view from up there always shocks me

ok.  I'd really like to write more but my computer is totally messed up and driving me nuts --my blogger window for writing is only allowing me to see 2 lines at a time and behind those two lines are ads featuring smokey the bear. No clue why that's happening and certainly no clue how to make it stop.  Oh, and the whole computer keeps shutting off spontaneouly.  That I think is because it is over heating because of the massive amount of dog hair that must be inside.  Frustration.  I think I'll go knit.

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  1. you truly are an artist in sooo many ways. I am happy that you found out too even a little late.
    Next time I get married I will book you as the wedding counciler and please dont tell Teddy that he has to marry me again, haha