Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Christmas knitting

Well, the New year brought with it sun, warmer weather, and yessssss, running water. Today I did about 20 loads of laundry (the only water involved task that I haven't figured a way to do when the taps are dry - well, I could fill the tub with water that I've carried in from outside and heat it on the stove and then wash stuff by hand, then empty the water and carry in clean water to rinse the clothes, and then repeat that rinse process a couple more times because I just can't agitate the way the washing machine can - but frankly, I'd rather wear dirty socks).

I also took a long, hot bath which was very relaxing until I got to thinking about all the knitting I still have to do, for Christmas. It hardly seems possible given that today is, what? January 3rd, that I could be behind in my Christmas knitting, but, I tell you it is. Here's what happened to me:

It was the end of November and like a good and thoughtful person, I started making my knitting gift list. I even started knitting the stuff on the list but, you know, only half- heartedly because it was still so early and I got distracted by, well a lot of other projects. Then it was the first week in December, I had one of the gifts completed I was feeling pretty good. Then I got a call to participant in the artisan Christmas markets. Cool. I'd like to do that. But wait, I can't fill a booth with just this stuff I have so I started making hats. I must have made 20. They looked like this:

By the time the markets were over, I had one week before Christmas deadlines started. No problem, I thought. I’ll just get on this marathon type schedule and all will get finished. Well, ok, small problem. “I’ll just scratch off all the stuff on the list that needs to go to the US. I’ll ship them just after Christmas. It will be better, I mean, everyone is shipping things now. They will probably get there faster even if I wait until after Christmas,” as the rationalization went in my head. And so the post Christmas list began.

But wait, it gets worse.

“I don’t really have to knit the stuff for Mette and Teddy. I mean, heck. We’ll be in Denmark to see them on the 11th. I can hand deliver those.” List gets longer.

Then, the ultimate in Christmas procrastination knitting karma slam…At 4:30 on Christmas eve I finished the second of a pair of the fingerless mitts I was knitting for our hostess that night. Feeling all smug because I finished everything on my knitting list (so what that I modified it and that it was actually only 1/10th it’s original size!), I went to try the beautiful mitts on only to notice that I made two right hands. Ahhhhgggg. After shouting that plus a few other, very non-Christ-like things, I wrapped one right hand mitt up for dear Chiara along with a promise for the left hand after Christmas. Post-Christmas Knitting List Item Number *%^$#&! gets added.

So, I better cut it short now. I have a little knitting to do.

Happy New Year.

PS. I must correct myself. In a previous post, whilst whimpering about being stuck on the mountain I said that no truck-toting-plough pal would be coming by to help. But alas, the Maberga version did indeed show up…

This is Agusto with some kind of mechanized, wheelbarrow type thing with tank-like rollers on the bottom. It was filled with salt which he, David and Franco (seen below – note Franco’s very stylish hat. Last year’s Christmas gift. Please do not note that my husband is wearing a Chicago Bears ski cap…very embarrassing for a number of reasons) shovelled onto the road

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  1. You didn't think I would not read #2 did you. It will be a sleepness night tonight. Or maybe get back on my crazy man's pills. You're blogs are amazing and fun to read. Enjoyed the pictures.