Friday, January 27, 2006

Just a small preview for this weekend's events.

That, which is a little difficult to see in all its beauty, because I photographed it in my gelatino. Yes, it is just as it sounds. Well, wait, if you have an impression of lime jello with bit of pineapple and canned peaches in it, then, no, it's not what you think.

Actually, I'd really like to tell you just what it is but I'm not exactly sure. The gelatino in our fridge is one of the by-products of a pig slaughter.

Remember I told you that a few weeks ago some neighbors killed a pig? And remember I promised more on the topic? Well, here we are.

Last night David and I were enjoying our evening happy hour (little snacks, some wine, and a game of cards) when we heard a car beep outside. It was Carmello with a little gift from his slaughter. The gelatino. I think, this was an amazing gift from our friends.

As far as we can remember from last year (when we tried it for the first time) and from a bottle of wine's worth of staring at the jar, it is gelatin with pieces of pig skin. It's sealed with pork fat. We also can't remember how one is supposed to eat it. As is with a spoon? Spread on bread?

More will be revealed tomorrow since another neighbor is slaughtering his pig. We've been invited to this entire event. I'll bring the camera for the blog and a notepad for the gelatino.


  1. after i read the blog, i still don't know what gelatino is. not so sure i want to see(read)your slaughter blog

  2. i think that jar of pink stuff would remain in my refrigerator for quite some time. Let us know how the slaughter goes and if you receive any additional treasures for you refrig or freezer.