Tuesday, January 10, 2006

not a real post...

I really meant to make a real post today, but, well, this isn't one. In my infinite wisdom and travel planning, I left scrubbing the house down so that no critters invade while we aren't here for the last minute. In my defense, this would seem to make sense...I mean otherwise you just get the place dirty again before you leave...I mean, if you clean too early or too often.

Anyway, I hadn't calculated into my plans that perhaps the pipes would freeze AGAIN. So I washed the floor (and the stove, and the fridge) with bottled water today. Not a big deal, except, it does take a little longer than when you have actual running water at call from any tap in the house. So then, in my terribly amazing schedule, I was behind in the shopping for the Danes, packing, teaching (ok, only one class today and I was on time except my "lesson plans" left a little to be desired), and, needless to say, I couldn't take a bath on schedule.

When I got home from teaching and shopping we did have water (so, if anyone was worried...I did get to bathe prior to the trip and will not be ill-representing Wisconsin, Colorado, Liguria, Elkhorn, Denver, Maberga, the Midwest, Italy, or the USA when I make my first visit to Denmark - well, at least not for how I smell).

So now I have to go to bed because we have a mighty early morning.

Real posts from Denmark...I promise, technology permitting.

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  1. I'm impressed!! Cleaning your house before vacationing. You mentioned living in the midwest. Did you ever live in Lake Geneva,Wi.