Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A knitterly day...

What a knitterly day I had today. Well, it was a lot like most of my days...I got up, did some journaling while drinking a cup of instant coffee (yes, in the land of amazing coffee I drink instant...forgive me but I like a big ol' mug in the morning and if I have big ol' mug of Italian coffee, well, I can't even think about what would happen). Then I started knitting. Stopped for some lunch (and a sudoku - this is a new addition to my routine). Then knit some more. Then stopped for ... well, you get the idea.

The difference with today was that I actually finished some stuff. The biggest news is that I finished Christmas knitting. Amazing and true, at the same time. Here is the proof to you Thomases:

That is the LEFT mitt to the mitts I tried to give to my friend Chiara on Christmas eve.

This is a sweater for a 5 year old, with arms also for a 5 year old.

I also cast off this.

It's not really done - I mean, according to the pattern it is supposed to be triangular in shape (mine is more of a trapaziod) but according to me it is, well, according to me and the fact that I ran out of that yarn with no chance of getting more. Yes Yes Yess, Ok, if you look closely, it's not exactly done - according to anyone. I still have to weave in all those ends and block it, etc. etc. I usually consider a piece done when I cast off...which usually makes me crabby when I am still working on the thing weeks later doing all those stupid things (like weaving in ends and blocking) that actually do make a difference.

WHOA...that was hard! I actually wrote a whole blog without making it a list with numbers (did you notice that in most of my blogs this is my prefered writing format? Check the old ones, it's true).


  1. the 5 year old sweater for a 5 year old child is beautiful. the mitten(glove) looks like it should fit a person who has an unusually wide and short hand

  2. impressive knitting rate!! I am much slower but have completed one sweater and am in the middle of the second one from the same pattern - no pictures due to limited tech skills.