Monday, January 23, 2006

Too much learning...

Ok, my head is going to explode from learning too much.

It seems I learned a few things from returning home as well as from the trip. (Dad, if you are reading this, please skip number 2…it’s best for everyone involved, probably mostly best for Mom if you do) :

1. If you clean the house before you leave, it’s still clean when you get home. That’s really nice.

2. If you live in Italy, take a trip in January, and this is your central heating system

you should stock up on pellets BEFORE you leave. That sleek looking system is a stove that burns little pressed wood pellets instead of real wood. It seemed like such a good idea when we bought it – no stacking endless piles of wood, no lugging the wood inside every morning to start the fire, no little splinters of wood all over the kitchen. This pro list for the pellet stove seemed to go on without any entries in the con column, until now. Who knew that the entire region depends on ONE factory for all it’s pellet needs? Apparently something happened while we were gone and they temporarily stopped producing, therefore putting their supply to sellers a little behind. They’re back in production now and shops are anticipating “the end of the week” for their shipments. (They didn’t say the end of which week but I will optimistically assume this week).

3. When you are cold, you can knit really fast (could be all the hot liquids I’ve been pouring into my body, they all seem to involve caffine).

4. Do it right the first time. This is a picture of a completed sweater (note the buttons are even on it!):

Ok, obviously it’s not completed any more. I had to take the whole thing apart because I made a sweater for a 5 year old with sleeves for a 5 month old.

I will close this post here.

In the next ausnit…

Will Lynn be warmer?

Will the sweater grow longer sleeves?

Will Lynn have to respond dishonestly because her dad snuck a peak at number 2?


Will Lynn reveal what this is?


  1. dear olive; this is the dad. i did read #2. you didn't think i wouldn't did you? your sentence using the three Danish words was a classic.

  2. Olive - Your ramblings are sooo cool. I am impressed with the skill you demonstrate in composition. Your writings are well thought out and absolutely interesting. I hope other people are taking advantage of the opportunity to read what you have to share.

  3. Hi Olive - I have just tried to cange my name and i think it worked. This is neat because its making you think you are getting messages from more people - Sorry; only me again.