Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The creation....

I feel the need to squeeze some time to write a post into all my scrubbing, polishing and washing. You can call it spring cleaning if you want but it’s really mom-and-dad-are-coming-cleaning. I figure they know that their visits motivate us to do some of those things that we that we tend to put off normally, you know, like dusting. I figure they space out their visits just to make sure that these things get done on a regular basis…once a year, need it or not.

Anyway, I need to post because, well, because David asked me to. Actually, what he really said was, “I wonder what you will post about that!”

He said this right after he gently touched the ON button of the pellet stove, and it came on. Just like that, he pressed the button and it worked. It seems, however, given my last couple of posts he’s gotten a kind of, shall we say, “elevated” sense of himself…or at least how he thinks I might see him.

As I told him on the phone this morning when he called from work to ask if the stove was still working…”no, I don’t think you are god since you made the stove work (‘and the water’, I was thinking but didn’t say it). I think you might have missed the point of my last couple of blogs.”

But, just for fun, here you go, Honey… I’m calling it “the creation of heat”.

Sorry about that drawing...I really didn't mean to allude to ET, it was something more Sistine that I had in mind.

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