Friday, March 02, 2007


I wouldn’t actually say that Spring has sprung here in Maberga but it sure is in the process of springing. I have evidence…

Good thing I finished this….

Phewwwww, just in time for the season change!

A little about the pattern. It’s from Rowan Magazine 22 and is called Bella. It actually wasn’t as bad to knit as I made it sound in previous posts. I just don’t like knitting scarves. This is not the fault of pattern goddess Kim Hargreaves (I sure miss her in the new Rowan books. If you do too you can find her here). I was a little puzzled by the lacey end-pieces. Do you think she meant for them to have the shape of an a-symmetrical flip-do?


  1. In addition to learning about knitting, I also get ideas on combining pictures and text. Thanks again. Keep up the good work.

  2. EarleinDenver5:02 AM

    Look at those flowers. Wow, we still have snow falling and lots on the north side of the house. No flowers here for awhile.