Monday, March 12, 2007

Who's in charge here?!

I want to know who is in charge of this universe – the creator or the current ruler, even the general manager would be fine - I don’t care. I just have some questions that need answering.

Top of the list is this one: Why is it that when I make an innocent comment like, “we have hot, running water,” within 24 hours you take the hot, running water away? Why do you do that?

Are you an evil ruler just trying to be mean and make life difficult? Are you a kind ruler with an amazing sense of irony? Are you the punitive type making me pay for, well, any number of things I’ve done in the past? Are you trying to teach me something? Or perhaps you are just bored and trying to keep yourself entertained at my expense?

It happened like this…Yesterday a couple of pals came by for a visit. They brought with them some friends of theirs who have lived in the area their whole lives and had never been to Maberga before and were a little curious. The husband friend of our friends did much gushing about the place. He just couldn’t believe the peace and serenity of the place. The natural way of life. The views. The house. He went on and on about how beautiful life must be here. His wife, on the other hand was noticeable silent. A few “hmmm”s and “si”s here and there from her but other than that no comment. At one point a little after the grand tour, husband says that he could move up here in a heart beat. Wife responded that HE would move here, she and their son would stay happily in San Remo, thank you very much.

This is not new to me. I haven’t yet met an Italian woman who would choose to live here. Like the thought of voluntarily coming to live here is ridiculous…didn’t their parents work really hard so they wouldn’t HAVE to live in the country? Obviously reruns of Green Acres never made it to Italy.

So after they left I was pondering this female aversion to Maberga life aloud with David. I made this innocent comment, “I don’t really understand the difference. It’s not like we have to raise animals or cultivate the land if we want to eat. The grocery store is probably closer to us then them. And, I mean really, we have heat and hot running water. What’s the big deal?”

And with that one innocent comment, I set in motion some …well… something in the universe that resulted, within 24 hours, in us not having hot water and then no water at all.

So I ask again: What is it?

If you are just a mean Controller of the Universe, well look, pick on someone else for a while. Stop listening to me when I speak.

If you are just being ironic, ok, it was funny the first 100 times. You can stop now, it’s not funny any more.

If I’m supposed to be paying for something, let me know what (you can alphabetize the list if that would make it easier) and I’ll get right on those restitutions.

If you’re trying to teach me something, you’re going to have to try a different approach. Obviously I don’t understand since I haven’t learned it the first 100 times.

If you’re bored, pick up some needles and give knitting a try. Please leave my water supply alone.

PS. Since I wrote this post this morning, the water situation has be rectified. My husband sought out the problem, found it, fixed it and then promptly took a faint inducing fall that brought the neighbors running. He is now hobbling around with something like a pulled muscle or maybe something torn. He’s going to have to write to the chief of his universe to find out what is up with THAT turn of events.

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