Monday, March 19, 2007

Pick a team

Perhaps it’s because I’m “unaffiliated”. Maybe if I committed to one personal savior, to only one divine being, these things wouldn’t happen.

See this:

Yep, the famous pellet stove. It stopped working last night. Yep, just in time for a visit from the family, who I am trying to convince that I don’t live in camping conditions. No heat is not a big help in my argument.

So, what I don’t know is if this happened as a lingering consequence of the “what’s the problem? We have heat and hot, running water!” comment. Or if this happened as a result of a conversation that David and I had just yesterday.

We were talking about being off “the grid”. In many ways we have already left “the grid” - this grid being that of normal social structures, thinking and, well, general life. But this conversation was about the energy grid. We’ve been talking about ways to be totally self-sufficient here in Maberga. Because we live so close to the elements…or rather, are intensely aware of them, it has become very obvious how dependent we are on certain things. Things like water, heat, and a cooking surface. Anyway, I made the comment that I love the pellet stove because it is so much cleaner and easier than having a wood stove but, and I quote, “I hate being dependent on the technology of it. If the computer inside doesn’t work we are without heat.” (Actually, those last two words were different when I said them to David, they were one word that ended in ED, but I’m trying to stay family friendly here).

Yep, just a few hours after this comment, we’re fucked.

It’s something in the control panel. Damn computers.

So, I was kind of wondering if maybe there is a whole host of universal controllers who are trying to tell me to pick one of them. Maybe it’s not just one who is laughing at me, teaching me a lesson, punishing me, or being mean to me…maybe every time something happens it’s a different god trying to sway me toward his/her team. Or maybe they all got together on this one and decided it was time that I had a “be careful of what you wish for” experience.

Whatever, whoever….I got my wish. I’m currently not dependent on the technology of the pellet stove. I’m just cold.

Completely unrelated…Please welcome into this world Evelyn Ruth, born to dear friends Betty and Jeff on Sunday morning. Evelyn dear, you chose well. You’ve got great parents. And, your blanket is on it’s way.


  1. bigsis12:38 AM

    Lynn-- You REALLY have to watch yourself and what you say!!!!!!

  2. EarleinDenver6:42 PM

    Well on the good side, Spring is here. Hope the weather warms up and everyone can enjoy your beautiful place. If not there is always a nice B&B just down the road. I would say you guys live on the edge of the grid, about 800 feet above it.