Monday, December 22, 2008


I am happy, no, make that thrilled, no change that to ecstatic, exhausted and awed by the Florentino that I finished (on my self-proclaimed-Florentino-labor-day, by the way). With a little anxiety (and, I admit, more than a little reluctance) I brought it to its owner on Saturday, where I found, with some small miracle from the knitting gods, it fit her as if it was made for her...which, of course, it was (that doesn't always happen).

Wanna see the back?

I've also finished what I have come to refer to as the vanilla sweater.

Vanilla is for the daughter of the owner of the Florentino. She might have gotten a little gypped this Christmas.

Also finished are these heavy duty socks.

A matching set for a friend's parents who live in Florida. I thought the weight of them might be a little over kill for Florida residents but my friend assures me that her parents get cold feet. Don't we all.

I'm also pleased as punch to say that I'm finished preparing for Christmas. That's like two days in advance. Amazing. If you're not yet prepared, don't freak "to do" and "to buy" lists are rather short.

So short that this afternoon I also finished my annual disastrous christmas baking. I really need to vow not ever to do this again. Actually, I do vow that every year and then every year I say to myself, "oh, it's not that bad. Cookies aren't that hard to make." And I fill my head with images of these beautiful, over flowing plates of gorgeous, delicious treats that I can give to every neighbor, friend and person walking down the street (I really need to cancel my subscription to Martha Stewart). Then I spend an entire afternoon wasting butter, sugar, flour and electricity burning the shit out of tasteless blobs of crap. But it's done.

Sorry, no photos of disastrous cookies. When I'm really old and have lost my memory (more) I want to tell myself and anyone who will listen that when I was younger I was a great baker and made beautiful christmas cookie plates. I'm not going to create evidence now that will squelch my future memories.


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  1. Anonymous5:26 AM

    Wow! All are so beautiful. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.