Friday, December 19, 2008

Labor Day

Remember that baby that I'm making? This one...

Well, it's labor day. She's going to be finished. Like all expectant mother's, I'm ready for her to come out, be done. Although I've only been working on this for two months, which is really the gestation of a dog, it feels like 9.

So today, I'm going to induce. I need to get this thing off the needles. It must be done. I'm forcing myself into labor...all day...and night if necessary to get her off the needles. She's heavy and I'm tired of carrying her around.

Not to mention Christmas is in 5 days and I'd promised she'd be done.

Pictures to come after labor.

1 comment:

  1. oneofthedanes10:16 AM

    oh my, Lynn. You really have made a beautiful job. She is soooo pretty. Have a nice laborday