Monday, December 15, 2008

Hi. I really wanted to write a nice long blog tonight. Maybe include some beautiful photos of our rosemary christmas tree. And some, well, other stuff, but it ain't gonna happen. Here's why:

1. It's raining. I suppose you might wonder why that would stop me from blogging. Well, I'll tell you...
2. It's very very cold. When it rains it's colder, seeing as some of that rain seeks shelter in our house.
3. (related to number 2, and I guess, number 1)It's so cold that really the only warm place right now is under the covers, completely under the covers - like my head and every thing under the covers. It's hard to blog from under there.
4. (related to numbers 1-3) It's so cold that my nose is running and dripping into the keyboard.
5. (related to numbers 1-3 but directly to number 4)It's so cold that every part of my body, based directly on their distance from my heart is losing feeling. I only bring that up to explain why my nose is dripping into the keyboard...I can't feel it.
6. The memory card on my camera is full. Full? Are you kidding me? How did that happen?! There must be like one million photos on it. Who's memory card gets full? Anyway, it's too cold to clean up that mess in order to make some photos in order to attach them to a blog that I'm not going to write because it's too cold.

Excuse me now...back to the covers.

PS. Is it raining anywhere else? It can't be. We're hogging it all.


  1. Mike in Boulder4:35 AM

    Hello, Maberga,

    Boulder, CO, writing. I would tend to feel sorry for the miserable weather and chill you are experiencing, but it was -15 degrees here last night (yes, minus 15) and about 5 inches of relatively dry snow made the roads miserable this morning. Wanna trade places?

    PS. It is probably a good thing to put the runny nose to bed, lest it become a full-blown cold.

    PS #2. At least rain you don't have to shovel!

    Mike in Boulder

  2. oneofthedanes11:09 AM

    Hi guys
    Also Denmark is cold. The rain is coming down like tiny needles of ice. "It aint no weather for man or beast", like WC Fields said. But I guess that was more about snow. Here you have a recipe of a drink to heat you up from inside:
    1 liter of applecider
    1 orange filled with 20 cloves
    ½ orange in thin slices
    1 stick of cinnamon
    Boil it and let it rest for 10 minutes. strain it and add 1/10 liter of whisky or rum and drink it very hot. yommie

  3. Anonymous3:39 PM

    I agree with Mike in Boulder. Minus 15 is really cold. What you need Lynn is a nice hot bath. Maybe a soak at a nearby hot springs or spa.
    Anyway, hope you have a very merry Christmas.