Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hi. I've been avoiding you. It's the olive thing.

Here are the results of the olive harvest.

Ok, now I'm lying to you. Well, not technically. That is the result of AN olive harvest, but not ours. Some pals brought that to us as a gift.

We have no results from our olive harvest. There, I've said it. We have no oil.

Here's the story...for what it's worth...

So, we had picked all that we were going to pick. Since they were wet I had carefully spread them out on a sheet in the bedroom to dry. Very responsible of me - we wouldn't want our precious olives getting moldy. Once dry, they were neatly and gently poured into a burlap sack so as not to damage them and set by the back door ready to go to the press.

One day passed, in which, for some reason I can't remember now they didn't get taken to the press AND in which a few ants appeared on the burlap sack. Ok, it wasn't an infestation or anything - just maybe 15 or 20 were sniffing around on the outside of the bag. Unsure of whether they were on their way OUT of the bag or on their way IN, but not actually caring which direction they were going since the sack was in my studio and I didn't want ants going in ANY direction in there, I put the sack outside.

Then it started to rain. It rained and it stormed and then in rained and then it hailed. Look, I'm not making that up. See...

The olives stayed outside. They've been outside in the rain and hail and rain and storms for a week now.

It's safe to say that they are now moldy and damaged and way beyond a trip to the press.

That's the story. Now I've told you. This blogging thing can be a little embarrassing sometimes.

For those of you who show up to this blog because of the knitting and don't care about my olive oil production, here are some photos for you - I've finished these

Surely you knitters can understand the ant thing. Right?


  1. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Glad to see you got some home made olive oil. Sorry to hear about the ants and bad weather I do appreciate a good story, which you always manage to tell.
    Thanks, EarleinDenver

  2. Oh... thats a farmers life i guess... i know whats thats like because we get a lot of tha here:( anyway, keep your hopes up:)

  3. Anonymous7:29 PM

    So sorry about the olives. And all of that work down the drain.

    But what great stories and all of the laughs I got out of your descritions of the event!

    Wayne & Denise