Thursday, April 08, 2010

just get it done

This summer is about getting stuff done. For example, this...

That would be the (very ugly, I know) spot light on the side of the house. It was installed last summer during all the other work that was done on the house. We used it for the first and last time at David's birthday party. It burned for about 5 minutes before blowing, at which time we lit about 100 candles since we had no replacement bulb. Well, we never replaced the bulb. David's birthday is in AUGUST. It would have been handy having that bulb functioning Sunday night. Among the other thoughts running through my mind that late night was a severe self scolding for my laziness and inattention to this little task of changing a light bulb.

So, making good on a promise from that night, I changed the bulb today. It took 5 minutes of my day. Having NOT done it before Sunday took 5 years off my life.

While I was at it, I finished this...

Yep. That's the new fence that was put in last spring. David and I were so excited about it we got right to painting it. For some inexplicable reason we left a 5 foot area unpainted. Maybe we ran out of paint, you guess, as did all the shops in a 100 mile radius. Nope. We had a whole can of it in the shed. It seems we just decided to stop. I'm not anticipating any kind of future emergency in which I will be cursing myself for not having finished painting the fence, but still it's a good thing to finish.

And, last but not least, granny smack number 5...


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  1. Ah, yes, completion! What a sense of accomplishment! I understand the light thing! We have a whole set in the garage to install along the back wall over to the goldfish pond - there since last summer. :\ Your afghan is gorgeous!

    Lois in Cincinnati