Friday, April 23, 2010

right on schedule...

sort of.

Painted, anti-fungied pantry -- DONE.

I really love this little room. It's had so many reincarnations in the six years that we've lived here. When we bought the place it was the kitchen.

Then when we discovered we wanted an indoor bathroom we took half the space for a toilet and a bath.

In case you were wondering, at that time we used this as a kitchen...

Yeah, that's the side of the house. Yeah, that's an old bathroom sink I found somewhere on the property, set on a wine barrel (empty) and strung the garden hose through it for running water. The fridge actually worked. And it really tied the room together.

Then, when we still had exposed stone in the now-studio area upstairs(read: major exposure to the elements and all varieties of 4, 6, and 8 legged creatures) this little room behind the new bathroom became the "winter bedroom" - it happens to be just big enough for a double bed...and nothing more. For a while it was the guest bedroom. Then, with the transformation of the window into a stairwell, it came into its present state as a pantry.

Actually, truth be told...I've really hated this room until today. It has no windows, it's always cold and wet and dark and it collects, well, everything that cold, wet, and dark spaces collect.

There's still no window and no heat source but, at least for today, it's clean, and white and organized, it's stocked and has flowers.

Right on schedule, or maybe 6 years late.

On the hat front...

4 DONE...

And one more to be completed tonight...

Thanks for the pattern, Lois. It's really great.

Tomorrow begins week 3 of the 20/20 project. I'm starting to question my scheduling of this whole thing -- why am I always begining these things on the weekend?


  1. Ciao Bella, Love the outdoor kitchen. Do you guys think that at some point you crossed the line from Ex-Pat to Pioneer? Frontier life, but with one huge difference ... the Internet. Pablo

  2. Oh, how cool! I love your improvisation with the house! The tour and progress are so much fun. Thank you for sharing. Your hats turned out beautifully. :))

    Very best,

  3. Wow, it looks great. I wish David wishes he was there to help you. You do great work. We are going to have to visit again to see the changes. It's been way too long.

  4. Anonymous3:29 PM

    OMG - That's blog talk for you are amazing. What a good girl you are.
    Right on schedule with the 20/20.

    While you're at it, why not build that second bedroom outside the bathroom!

    ... and how is the garden coming along ? Tomtoes ? Squash ?

    Love, it,