Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Movin' right along...

Seems that the Weather God doesn't read my blog or else she'd be cooperating a little more with me on this whole remake-the-house-summer plan that I've hatched. Sunday saw frigid gales that told me to say off the ladder. And yesterday gave me just a couple hours of outside time before cold heavy clouds rolled in. Even still, I am moving forward. To be totally honest about things, if I hadn't blabbed my big mouth off to you guys about this brilliant scheme of getting stuff done, my butt would have stayed inside for the past several days happily knitting and making jewelry by the fire. I guess I should say thanks. Thanks.

I've got most of the easy parts done already which, of course, leaves the difficult parts. Despite gray skies this morning I was out bright and early climbing, hanging, dangling, and shimmying myself all over this part...

At one point, whilst striking and holding a rather strenuous pose, I got to thinking about a couple of things:

1. who was the idiot who designed this pergola? What was the thinking behind adding all this zig zag crap? Durability and strength of the structure? The thing is welded steel cemented into three feet of concrete - it ain't goin' anywhere. Aesthetic?

I don't thinks so.

2. why am I doing this?! In three weeks (or so) this thing will be completely covered (I'm predicting 100% coverage this year) in beautiful crawling grape vines sprouting leaves the size of my head. No one will even SEE the pergola and its detailed paint job.

Well, I've started now, best to finish the f&^%er. 3 days and this much to go...

Doesn't that photo make the house look really ominous? I wasn't lying on the front lawn making that photo. Oh no. The house sits, as I've mentioned before, on a slight incline, making tomorrow's painting seem a bit ominous.

As for this week's knitting - I'm cruising...

Two pair of matching (well, they don't match but they do go together), rather colorful socks to add to the knitted gifts stash!

And look! One of the pair fits me perfectly. Imagine that.

PS. For those of you who are concerned about my safety on a ladder, be assured that I'm being very careful and have vowed to myself not to do anything stupid -- except for, of course, undertaking this job in the first place.

PSS. Do any of you have any idea how heavy this ladder is?

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  1. oneofthedanes8:15 AM

    I know all bad things about ladders. So keep your promise about taking really good care!!!
    By the way, rusty pergola is fashion in DK and it will sure take some time before it falls down. Think about it! and good luck with your project. Awsome socks!!!