Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Needs a new BBQ

David will be back on Friday. David likes to grill. We have no grill.

Project 20/20 week 6 house project -- Build a grill.


After first day:

Probably about 40 of those stones will be needed to make a nice sized BBQ. I'd better pick up the pace. There would have been more in place already but when I picked up the second one in the lot across the street, I found this underneath...

That put me off the task a bit. Hopefully the severe case of the creepy crawlies I have contracted will have subsided by tomorrow so I can get back to it.

As for knitting (which, by the way, is NOT something that sounds at all appealing when one has the creepy crawlies) I'm working on another blanket. This one is rather special, however. Christine from Das Needles (our little international knitting group) has recently lost her mom. When we first heard that she had been taken ill, Mette, Natalie and I decided that maybe Christine would like something warm to wrap around her in the hard times that would follow this inevitable loss. We each made 12 squares - knitted, crocheted, in any fashion or color of yarn which will be assembled into the wonkiest but most heart-felt blanket imaginable. So this week for my project 20/20 knitting I have the honor of sewing the pieces together...right after I finish making my 12 squares. (note: if you are reading this and you are a friend of Christine's, please don't tell her. It's meant to be a surprise. If you are reading this and you are Christine, well, pretend you didn't read that last paragraph, ok?)

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  1. What a beautiful crochet/knit project. How very sweet! :)

    Hmm, the grill. I agree about the creepy crawlies. Yuck. Perhaps some happy bird will come along and consume the little critters and you'll be able to go back and get rocks tomorrow? Ok, that was just wishful thinking. ;)

    Very best,