Friday, May 14, 2010

Yeah, ok. Lesson learned. Actually several lessons were learned today:

1. I can't build a trellis in one day, at least not one that looks as good as the one in my head.

2. I need a motozappa.

3. Sticking a 6 foot tall piece of cane in rock-hard ground deep enough so it is stable is very difficult, one might even say impossible.

4. Don't photograph beautiful socks on a dirty dog rag towel.

5. Don't make good "before" pictures....not if you want the "after" pictures to look good.



6. Make sure you've turned the water heater on BEFORE starting to build a trellis in rock-hard ground without a motozappa because a HOT bath is obligatory immediately upon completion.

And, yeah yeah yeah,

7. Don't put off a big project to the last day, not if you want to finish it properly.

Having said all that, it is still fun to look out the bedroom window on some stray grapevines climbing


  1. Hi Lynn,

    The socks are lovely. I need to get started on a socks. I haven't make socks for a long time and am still impressed by the very colorful ones you made a few weeks ago.

    I think it's cool to have grapes growing outside the window, too. That brings the mind the idea of stomping grapes, Lucille Ball, wine.... :) Yum!

    You are so ambitious!


  2. Your before picture is gorgeous - I love it! The socks are also beautiful. All very good lessons. :)

  3. ... and were those my steps under that lovely arbor?