Saturday, May 01, 2010

Head pictures

Ya know, when you have a picture of a project in your mind before you do it, well, sometimes they turn out just as beautifully as you had imagined...

Giardino 2010...

And then sometimes when you do something you're imagining in your head, it comes out WAY BETTER than you imagined....

And then, well, there're always the projects that don't turn out quite as beautifully as your head picture...

Damn bell curve. Oh well, new week new projects!

Week 4 house project is the ORTO!!! That big beautiful brown pool of earth needs some veggies. It also needs a watering system and some sort of protection from wild boar (and wild dogs).

Week 4 knitting project is ... granny smack. I couldn't stay away too long.


  1. Ah, yes, lovely images. So nicely done. :)

    Good luck with your garden. It appears you are getting some great help. :)

    Very best,

  2. Wow, looks great. Could have been a spread in Home Garden magazine. You must have had some nice weather for all the plants to come out.
    See ya later - EarleinDenver

  3. Wow! I'm so excited to see how well it all works this year. Look at you and your green thumb!

    Miss hearing from ya!


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