Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 7 - Project 20/20

Having really awesome parents, they instilled in me from birth the notion that I "can do anything I want to". On the aggregate, this attitude has served me well. It just happens to not be true. In my parents' defense, they probably didn't imagine all those years ago while I was growing up that one of my "want to's" would include building a grill from stones. As it turns out, I CAN'T do that.

Project 20/20 Week 6 Finished product:

It doesn't look like much because, well, it isn't. Here's the bird's eye view:

Seems like it would be really easy, doesn't it? You just collect a bunch of rocks like these:

And you fit them together, puzzle-like, into a form that both holds wood and supports the grill screen. No problem.


It's not that easy. Puzzle pieces are meant to fit together. Stones, not really. Not to mention that my buck-o-five body had a tough time carrying the big stones needed to make the thing stable.

Oh well. I got it done and next year's will, I'm sure, be better ('specially if I take Earle-in-Denver's recommendation and go to the Self and BUY one). And, we did successfully cook meat over fire in this collection of stones on Sunday for some friends...

On the knitting front, last week's wonky-but-sincere blanket is....not done yet. It's MOSTLY done but not done enough for a photo.

This week I've picked a small project. Remember the stray grape vine? That grape vine grows from a small terrace of land that needs some attention. I attended to only half of it whilst creating the trellis for the grape vine. Having brilliantly done so leaves a patch of dirt just outside out bedroom window which has the dual benefit of being freakin' ugly to look at from the bed AND allowing all that dirt to blow right in the window on the bed.

So, this week's project is to clean up that little area:

For knitting I will be finishing the wonky-but-sincere blanket and maybe making a pair of socks.

Just in case anyone cares, my orto now has beans!

And our house might soon have city water:


  1. That's what I thought, "city water"? What city, Maberga? Is it just me or are the latest pictures not showing?

  2. Hi,

    I am connected via satellite out here at sea so thought the image problem the other day was my problem (sometimes pages time out before the load out here) so planned to check in again when I got to a land-based connection. Well, I'm still at sea and I can see the pictures now. :)))))

    As long as you were able use your unique grill and make food, you did a great job. :) I think it's cool that you even attempted to make the grill yourself. The picture with friends looks like a fun gathering.

    Happy weekend!

    Lois :)