Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week 7 - Project 20/20 concluded...maybe?

Is this an improvement?

I'm not convinced. Any of you gardener people out there (hello Mary and Cindy!) please comment with suggestions for ground cover - or ANYTHING to improve this spot.

It's very possible that I'm not patient enough be a gardener. I like to work by butt off and get things done. Like knitting, for knit 20 rows and you have 20 rows done. If it doesn't look good, you rip back and do it again and it's done, again (right, Mette?). With gardening, you work your butt off, and your arms and your back, and your hands and your finger nails and ... you have, well, a patch of dirt with 6 lonely lavender plants.

Speaking of getting things done...

Yep, the Das Needles group project blanket done. Whilst aesthetically it's, well, you can judge for yourself, as a completed piece I find it to be a beautiful reflection of the woman who contributed to it. I hope its owner will like it.

Lastly, guess what this is?!


  1. Hi,

    The lavender will take over - not to worry. :) The afghan is very pretty - the story behind it makes it even more beautiful.

    Happy Memorial Day,

  2. You could do some random flat stones to make a path or sitting area, as the lavender grows it will fill in. There are a lot of different things that would pair well with lavender, don't know if it would be available to you but you could look for it. Creeping Thyme (red flowered creeping thyme) would look really nice or yellow flowered sedum, creeps and fills in too its a perennial so you wouldn't have to do anything after its planted. Sedum is really hardy, can withstand just about any climate and dare I say almost impossible to not be able to get it to grow. :)


  3. Paul George6:20 PM

    Would you like the scent of rosemary or lavender coming into your window? Your climate would work well for either, but ask how big they they will get when mature ... you may be surprised! (They are also very low maintenance). But wait, wouldn't that be a great place for a hot tub also? Soaking with a glass of wine while enjoying the views of the Argentina Valley?

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  5. Is that a water pipe ? Going into your house ?
    Guess the big question is: where would that water be coming from ?
    The long planned aquaduct ? runoff ? another clever Italian scheme for moving water from one spot to the next ??? Hmmm

    TFC, Wayne

  6. So I'm new to commenting, I'm also slow.

    Lynn, I always recommend vinca as a hardy groundcover. Its dark green with beautiful little purple flowers in the spring. There is a larger leafed one (Vinca major) and a smaller one (Vinca minor). I prefer the smaller one.

    Mary in Denver

  7. OK, so my first attempt at commenting failed - I don't see it. My groundcover suggestion Lynn (although I love lavender too) was Vinca minor - a small dark green leaf with beautiful purple flowers in the spring. There is a Vinca major too - as you can imagine a larger leaf.

  8. OK, so it didn't fail. Sorry everyone, you had to read it twice.