Thursday, June 17, 2010


Friends, I'm gutted, sad, pissed off, upset, defeated.

The cinghiale got to my orto...oh wait...the wild boars dug up my vegetable garden.

It's not totally destroyed but I'm destroyed enough that I can't get myself to photograph it right now.

Ya know, I've been toying with the idea of becoming a vegetarian but at this moment all I want is a HUGE slab of grilled pork.


  1. Fortunately, you weren't nearby when the boars were helping themselves. Those guys are dangerous! I'm sorry about your garden. :(

  2. Wild boar ravioli!

    The beasts are destructive and mean. We see them each spring on our farm.

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  4. I'm *really* sorry about the garden.
    That is so frustrating!
    We have wild boars in northern Florida, too, but there are fewer on this island.

  5. That is so disappointing. Our neighborhood marauders are the deer that love to chomp on my roses. They're big but not scary like the cinghiale.

  6. Oh no, sounds like it's time for cinghiale stew. EarleinDenver

  7. I'm with Earle, cinghiale stew!!

    Now the chore begins of figuring out how to prevent it from happening again. Do you have any gardening neighbors that can suggest something. 8' fence, chicken wire over and around the plants, grenades around the perimeter?

    We just have hail here in Denver. And yes, I've been known to scramble out during a hailstore and cover my little plants.

    You might actually be able to replant some things Lunn. Good luck.

    Mary in Denver

  8. OH NO! I'm so sorry, that is such a drag.