Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not to sound boastful or anything but I know how to make stuff, a lot of stuff. Like this for example.

I made that. I took some yarn, and some needles, and I made a sweater.

And this,

I took some green beads and some silver and I made a Maberga Designs Summer Collection.

I also just took the two words "summer" and "collection" and made them into an important sounding name for some jewelry.

Yep. I've made a lot of stuff in my life. Like, I've made:

--a hat with a flower on top
--a few quiches
--a promise or two
--a duvet cover
--a life in italy
--a potato printed skirt
--some time
--some egg studded jello
--more than a few mistakes
--a mess and some cookies
--a few friends
--a fort
--a covered wagon (no link, I was in the 1st grade)
--some love
--some song lyrics
--a few puzzles
--a grill

yeah yeah, ok... So you get the point here that I'm trying to make..I make things (some times making a point is difficult, but let's not get confused here). Yeah, I make things, all sorts of things.

(by the way, I didn't say I was GOOD at making all those things on the list, they are just things I HAVE made in my life)

(by the other way, the english teacher in my head just told me "puzzle" doesn't belong on that list because you do a puzzle, you don't make it).

So then we come to yesterday. Yesterday I made something that makes all the other stuff I've made in my life look like child's play (well, maybe not the making love, but let's not get confused here, you know what I mean). Are you ready?

I made FOOD.

Check that out. That would be one sweatshirt-full of chard and lettuce. Straight from the garden.

Yeah, ok, technically I didn't make that food, but, well, kind of I did, didn't I?

I certainly made a salad and some garlicky-bacony-chardy goodness...

Is anyone wondering what kind of house project commitment I've made for this week? Anyone besides me, that is?


  1. Wow, all that green stuff you made sure looks good to me. The sweater is wonderful and the jewelry is a perfect accessory for it. Oh, and the green veggies. Yes, you make good green stuff. :) I'm impressed!


  2. How do you get the color to change on that amazing sweater? Is it an optical illusion? Are you a magician?

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  4. That green sweater has always been one of my favorite things you have made and of course the jewelry--green, my favorite! I wear my green earrings and bracelet all the time. My friends ask--did your sister-in-law make that, too? Of course!