Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Orto Watch

I went up to the Orto to water today. I was so taken by this garden being the most beautiful vegetable garden that's ever, EVER been planted that I thought I must share with you all. Grab a beverage of choice and come watch my garden grow...

I couldn't be prouder if I'd have done it myself. I owe Augusto more than that lemon tree and the 2 cases of beer I've bought him.

Yeah yeah yeah, ok. So those of you reading this who know me or those of you who have been following for a bit will know that this garden tour for what it is...a distraction from the fact that it's Tuesday of week 8 of Project 20/20 and I haven't even picked the new projects much less got to work on them.

I'll just think about those projects for tonight...


  1. Your garden is truly beautiful! :) And, there is nothing wrong with stopping to photograph the veggies (ala smell the roses) in the garden for awhile. Your inspiration for ideas for other projects will flow all at once and you'll have to make lists to not forget them all. :)

    Seriously, your garden does look wonderful and the images are excellent, too.


  2. Well your pics are coming through now and looking great. Gardening can be fun, si? EarleinDenver

  3. Hi Lynn; Earle's teaching me how to 'comment' - lucky you!! I'll write more later. mary in Denver

  4. What beautiful pictures. The dirt even looks great--but of course that's the secret for success in the garden.

  5. Hi Lynn, So good to reconnect ! Great photos of your flourishing garden. I suspect the soil in Italia is so much more fertile than the clay soils of Colorado but as you asked for gardening tips, I should mention that tomatoes and basil not only taste good together but also grow well together ! So, you might want nestle a few Basil plants among your pomodora :)