Sunday, June 06, 2010

something beautiful and a little drudgery

Since I've moved to Italy, there's been something I've wanted. It seems that I see this thing every time I turn around and each one is more beautiful than the last. Now, I'm not usually the envious type, but with this one thing, well... they really make me green.

What is this thing that I that has left me longing for so many years?

A seaside villa?


A Ferrari?

Get real. No.

Perhaps some fancy Italian shoes?

Maybe a whole leg of prosciutto?

Well, I do admire these often when I see them, but no, I've never felt the need to have one for myself.

So what is it?

A tomato trellis. Yep. Now I too got me a tomato trellis.

Isn't it beautiful?

Sometimes when you finally get the item of your heart's desire it's a bit anti-climactic. Not this time. I love it. It's just what I've always imagined.

Week 8 of Project 20/20...

This week's project is not romantic. Nothing like a tomato trellis or anything like that. Nope. It's just one of the horrid house projects that needs to get done.

The shed. I've got to clean out the shed. I can't even open the door any more because of all the crap that has been pushed in there. The other day I saw a black cat come scampering out of there. Great. She probably left a litter.

This weeks' knitting project is a sewing project. I want to make some of these

which can be found here.


  1. Do tomatoes really grow that tall? Keep up the good blogging.

  2. Ah, yes, and when that trellis has "raised" some excellent tomatoes, you can make some wonderful Italian meals with them. :)

    The bags are very pretty. I look forward to seeing the ones you make.

  3. Oh! A tomato trellis instead of a tomato cage - now I'm coveting one.

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  5. Your tomato trellis is so pretty! What a nice wish to fulfill. Good luck with this week's project!

  6. I thought it was going to be the shoes. You would look fabulous wearing them around the garden.

  7. So are we having a kitten naming contest now?


  8. Loved the examples of the 'maybe' wish list...then, wham ...a tomato trellis....Marvellous... and yours look good too.

  9. Neighbor in WI6:17 AM

    I like the tomato trellis', but I would take the seaside villa WITH the tomatoes!

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