Sunday, July 24, 2011

One of the basic ideas have about how to live life is that each year I should do it better than the last. The "it" is just, well, everything. Next year I hope, am working toward, and therefore expect that I will make more beautiful jewelry than I do this year, I will be a kinder and more thoughtful person, my garden more colorful, my orto more fruitful, my house more comfortable, and I will be a better wife, step mom, daughter, sister, in law, friend, teacher, knitter, and viola player (I'm a little dubious about the last one, but I'll save that for another blog).

Along these lines, when winter did its annual job on our kitchen wall, I asked myself "how I can do it better this year?".

Yuck. Let's see if that looks better in sepia...

Yeah, um, no. It doesn't.

Since what I did last year was shit, it really wasn't that hard to improve on. Seems that it takes more than a little paint to keep the humidity out of an underground stone wall. This year's attempt at the kitchen wall included some help and some kind of space-age super anti-humidity plaster.

And some sunflowers.

Ps. Does anyone have cucumber recipes for me. This is one day's harvest

I'm getting anywhere from 3-6 everyday. That's a lot of cucumber salad for a single girl. And I can't give them away because EVERYONE has too many cucumbers. Maybe growing cucs is one thing that I don't need to improve on next year.


  1. The sunflowers definitely are the right touch for that wall!

    My cucumber recipes are pretty basic, but I have another plan. Are you familiar with Garrison Keillor and Lake Woebegone? You could do the tomato thing with cucumbers! In the middle of the night you leave bags of them on neighbors' porches. Of course, you'll run into your neighbors doing the same thing on your porch.... :\

    PS: pickles

  2. It looks like you are very good at growing cucs. We just got our first one today. Like your sunflowers. At first I thought it was a painting on the wall they are redoing.
    Good luck with the cucs - EarleinDenver