Monday, July 04, 2011

time passes...more

Friends, I have some bad news.

As some of you faithful OliveKnitting readers will note, June has passed without a "Maberga San Antonio Festa" post. I'm sad to say, I think there won't be any more of them.

The Festa revolved around a mass that was conducted at the church of Maberga, for whom San Antonio is the patron saint. The mass has always been conducted by this great frate.

He hasn't been a healthy frate for a while. Each year it was increasingly more difficult to get him up to the church of Maberga. I noticed this, particularly last year, when there were a couple guys behind him pushing him up the steep cobble stoned path to the church whilst a couple other guys grabbed his waist cords and were pulling him. It's been this difficult for our frate to come each year and still he persevered. This year, he just couldn't do it.

As an American, I asked the locals, "there must be another frate in this catholic county?!" Bad question. I was looked at with disdain and a little pity. "No, Lina. He is our frate." Say what you want about Italians, but they are loyal.

Life moves forward, we all get older. Many thanks to the past organizers of this annual festa and, of course, to our frate for his participation. Salute.

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  1. Oh..... It's always so sad when traditions we've come to know and love end.