Sunday, July 10, 2011

Time for a little catch up to the emails I've got from you guys.

Wayne of TFC comments fame has sent more than one email asking about this summer's house projects. Well, Wayne, they look a lot like last year's projects. What a bummer of a life lesson to learn that a house needs maintenance. All the stuff that I did last year just needs to be done again this year. Big drag. I hate maintenance. Shouldn't you just have to do things once and then they are done? Like, you know, knitting a sweater. You knit it, and it's done. This attitude, of course explains why the floors in my house are always dirty, "shit. didn't I just wash these?!" Same goes for cleaning the toilet, washing clothes, and well, if I'm honest, bathing. No. Apparently not everything in life is like knitting.

So this summer, my kitchen walls will be scraped of mould and repainted. The pantry walls will be ...scraped of mould and repainted. The shed will be cleaned out and reorganized. The studio will be...cleaned out and reorganized. The garden and the orto will be, well, maintained. If anything new comes my way on the house front, you guys will be the first to know about it. But, Wayne, don't get your hopes up. Maintenance is a bitch -- a big, time consuming, bitch.

Mike from Boulder, my Fiat friend, has been asking for photos of the newest member of our family. Yep, we are a proper American couple living in driver and two cars. Welcome to Maberga, my new little Panda.

You should feel at home here as you will see many of your sisters coming and going up and down the mountain every day. Our Panda was built in 1991, that's not so old. I mean, come on, that was the year I graduated from college. That wasn't so long ago, was it? Um, yeah, it was. 20 years ago. She's old enough to have a choke. If anyone has some info to share with me about how a choke works, bring it on because I'm clueless. My poor little Panda bear is shouting at me when I leave that choke open too long, dying on me when I shut it off too soon, and jumps and spurts and squeaks when I go back and forth with the choke knob.

And lastly I'd like to tell you that my Venice beads have arrived(no one has asked about this, but then, well, I'd asked you not to). They are here, and more beautiful than I had imagined when I designed them...for the most part.

Excuse me now, I have to take a bath.


  1. Thank you for the update. :) And, WOW. those beads are gorgeous! I'll bet we'll see some pretty items in your shop made with these beads, right? :)))

  2. Oh yes, back to the normal routinue of life. Cleaning and fixing all of our stuff, including one's self on occasion. Same here after the wonderful trip to Italy, except for the mold. Thanks God we don't really have a mold problem in Colorado.
    I love you little Panda. Looks like it will actually fit in the streets of Italy. With a choke you can't be in a hurry starting out. You must have patience, sorry. As it warms up you slowly push the choke back in while remaining at a complete stop, still in your driveway, as in not moving yet. As you push it in also give the car a little more gas until you reach a happy medium and the engine revives smoothly. Just like my scooter it is a fire eating dragon and you must slowly bring it to life every day. :)
    Oh yea, the beads look nice too.