Monday, September 05, 2011

spicy oil

At the lunch with pal Lina the other day, when she taught me to can pasta sauce, she also taught me how to make spicy oil.

Here's what you do:

1. pick a bunch of your peperoncini (chili peppers).

2. Let them sit on your counter for a couple days. I don't know why. But really, she told me to do that. It wasn't just me being lazy.

3. Cut them up and put them in a pan with olive oil, 2 sprigs of garlic and some salt.

4. Saute them "until the garlic changes color".

5. Get confused about when the garlic changes color and burn the shit out of the peppers.

6. Put the peppers and oil in the blender and, well, blend.

7. Dump them in the little jar and add a bit more olive oil to fill the jar.

8. Send a text message to Lina to ask if they are ruined by being burnt.

9. Ignore Lina's suggestion to throw the whole jar away.

It's so easy. Just like Lina told me it would be.


  1. Dear Lynn, You crack me up ! The finished product looks rather pretty. How does the oil taste now ?'
    If it's inedible you could always use it as a bug deterrent, perhaps ?

  2. *huge chuckles* You are terrific.

    OK, here's what you do: Just label the jar and set it on the shelf. Put "good before" date on it, like, uh, last year. Then in a couple of months you can suddenly discover it and realize it is out of date and throw it away!

    See? Simple!

  3. I should try this once. It looks delicious.

  4. Hilarious! What I want to know is, since you didn't throw it away, have you tried it yet and how was it?