Thursday, February 16, 2012

The drought is over. 

Wait, let me try that again...


Yeah, it's true. With amazing determination and persistence, ingenuity and perspiration, David got the water flowing again.  About an hour ago.

Did I tell you guys that I would write every day until the water started flowing again?  Yeah, well, I lied.  It wasn't an intentional lie.  What I should have promised was that I would write every day till the water came back on unless I was a)run over by a bus, b)enthralled with a new knitting project, or c)lost in a fever induced hallucinogenic state for three days.  I'd really like to tell you that it was disclaimer B that kept me away but it was actually disclaimer C which took me down such that I was wishing disclaimer A were actually true.

So, just in case any of you lose water like we know, where first the city water pipes freeze, then they burst, then the tubes from the spring freeze, then they burst, then you rig your big reserve container to your house and still the water doesn't flow, here's what you do:

Start a bon fire on your patio.  Yep, does it every time!

If you'll excuse me now, I'm going to go splash around in my bathroom


  1. oneofthedanes8:38 AM

    I am soo happy that it was because of a). That means that we can still get around to b) next Friday. Congrats on your flowing water.

  2. Brenda Duncan11:55 PM

    Dear girl, You are so stoic ! Sounds as though you've had a miserable waterless, frozen week. So glad that David is around to take care of both the pipes and of thee. Hope everything will be back to "normal" soon.
    Good looking bonfire !
    Hugs, Brenda