Wednesday, February 01, 2012

my friend Martha gives me an Organizing Tip

So, I got this email from my friend Martha today.  She's always emailing me such helpful and clever ideas for keeping my home beautiful and running at the height of efficiency.  And don't even get me started on the recipes and crafty projects she sends me!  The woman is such a genius and model for me, I really try not to let her down. 

Today I got this :

Martha Stewart - Organizing Tip of the Day

Well, Martha, check THIS OUT!

If that mold is any indicator, ain't gonna be no dead plants in my house!

And given that room, with its ample humidity, shoots the mercury up to about 35 degrees Fahrenheit it is IDEAL for freshly cut flowers.

Just in case any one's been wondering where I've been, eating fish is the answer.

David and I have decided that we want to add more fish to our diet.  You know, living on the Mediterranean and all, it seems like a logical thing to do.  So I did what any person wanting to learn something new would do.  NO, not knitting group.  If you don't belong to a knitting group or know anyone in one, then I'd like to enlighten you -- a group of knitters has the answer to everything. Everything.  Yes, the combined knowledge of a circle of knitters in infinite.  That's just a fact.  Anyway, back to the fish... when David said that he wanted to learn to cook fish (for the record, I only said that I want to eat more fish), I called the girls with Das Needles (one of whom is celebrating her 49th birthday in the photo below!).

And sure enough we had back-to-back Sunday fish cooking lessons with Christine and Valerio and then Mette and Teddy.

So long (for now) and thanks for all the fish...

PS.  I have a video of Valerio talking about preparing sea bass and if someone can tell me how to upload a video to a blog that doesn't take 17 hours to do, I'll happily have that available for you all.  I will of course ask the knitting girls for help with this also, but we won't meet again until the earliest Friday, so...

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  1. Lynn, you don't look to happy about working the fish. Probably taste great though.