Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yeah, yeah...I'm still here.

As many of you have asked me in emails, yes, we are experiencing a terrible cold spell.  And I don't mean the usual Riviera cold spell of "poor me, it's 45 degrees here. I actually had to put a jacket on today"  Nope.  Proper cold.  Wisconsin cold.  Snow cold. Go outside without every bit of skin covered and it freezes cold. And, yep, you guessed it, frozen water tubes cold.

So this time my answer to "Lynn, where have you been since you haven't been blogging?!"  is, I've been carrying water into my house.  My house which hasn't had running water since, well, the last time that I blogged.

But, as my dad aptly pointed out to me when I first explained my situation to him two weeks ago, "ummmm, but Lynn, you DID choose to live there."  I guess that's fair, since I am quick to point out to my parents when they report that they haven't seen the sun for months on end, "there are other places to live, you know."  Touche.

So, as you loyal Olive Knitting readers know, our water tubes that hang from the trees tend to freeze with cold weather.  They do every year. Logically I know this. I even understand the science behind it.  And yet, every time it happens, I'm stupified.  And am left without running water.

Stupified I am, but bummed out I am not (for the most part).  A girl can get a LOT of shit done when she doesn't have to, for example, do laundry, or wash the floors, or cook extensive meals that involve lots of pots and pans and dishes that will need to be washed (we're plastic plating it now), or....bathe.  Just think about the time you spend every day with water related tasks.  Friends, just imagine what else can get done!

So, with all my extra time  (that isn't taken by carrying water and talking with neighbors about fixing city water tubes that have broken and unblocking spring water streams that aren't running) I have:
-- made a patchwork duvet cover
--finished 20 or so knitting projects that just needed final sewing in of ends
--turned my studio upside down to clean and reorganize
--knit several pair of wrist/hand warmers
--sewn curtains for the bedroom
--And, I knit several new washcloths because hope springs eternal in Maberga for the day when the water will run again and I can wash my face.

I'm also a bit superstitious about things.  I believe that there is a direct correlation between the amount I'm blogging and my lack of water.  So I will be blogging every day until I have running water in the house again.  That is, assuming I can lift my stupidly weak spaghetti arms, which are carrying water, to the keyboard to type.  In this vein, please forgive the lack of photos in this post about all the cool new things I've made.  I'm currently having difficulty lifting the camera to make photos.


  1. I sure hope it warms up for you soon so that the water begins to flow. This morning we arrived in Port Canaveral to 34 degrees F. That's pretty darned cold for Florida! I saw guests leaving the ship in shorts, t shirts, and flip flops. Brrrrrrr!

  2. Brenda Duncan8:05 PM

    That's a lethal looking icicle, Lynn. Who knows, it could come in handy ?
    Happy Valentine's Day. Hope your sweetie can be home, today : )

    Hugs, Brenda