Thursday, August 30, 2012

New studio

Since the rest of the house is in order now, I get to play in my new, old, new studio.  Not as big as the last studio but the light is better and, well, hell, the rest of my house is way more awesome now.  I traded up.

Given the smaller size, I've needed to economize...or just get a little clever with storage.  In a word...wheels.

I did this

to get this...

Yep, that's a library on wheels.  Mobile books. 

My knitting books just barely fit in this double-wide...

So either I have to stop buying knitting books, or drink more know, just for the boxes.  Umm, yeah, that's a no brainer.

Other cool things in my new studio...

my window seat....
And my rubber ducks' window seat...

(Thanks, Mette!)

1 comment:

  1. Thats a very good idea to use the wooden boxes on wheels for books. Where did you get those? I have one for knitting needles and I got it from a big bottle of champagne. Did you really drink so much champagne? Must have been fun ;o))))
    Congratulation on your new studio. Lokks sooo good like the rest of your house now.